My hair is red
Choking turns you blue
Now that you’re bound in my bed,
I’m gonna sodomise you.

Pointless Sonnet

Sharing another’s breath in the open air,
Playing life’s fantasy while knowing reality,
Assured in my sorrows that another does care;
All this experienced in the eternity of mortality.
Travelling with company through an eternal abyss.
Missing her beauty in the sweetest of dreams,
Saved from unconscious pain by a single kiss.
Awakened by her psyche’s warming beams.
Living as nothing, not part of a whole.
Without her I am not half, I am none.
She owns a piece of my heart and the entirety of my soul,
It was when I met her my life begun.

Lost in her eyes as a glance becomes a stare.
Breathing is null, for her is all I care.



Pheasants eye blinked to existence.

Words as sweet as the lips that shape them.

A smile when forced puts up no resistance.


Outliving emotions with a rose,

Protected by thorns, secrets enclosed.

Embrace the moment it is your duty.

Embrace each moment in all their beauty.


Some moments, sadly are too precious to capture.

And when you leave its to the warm embrace,

Of Jack Ketch, who knows one word.

One word, one meaning, that’s all he knows.